Minnesota Twins starter Ervin Santana sits on the bench during their game against his former team at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA on Thursday, June 1, 2017. (Photo by Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register/SCNG)

The Twins have been looking to replace Ervin Santana as the Opening Day Starter all offseason as they search for a new bonafide #1 starter in free agency. After Tuesday’s news, it looks like one half of that equation will certainly prove true. Ervin Santana underwent surgery on the middle finger of his right hand. Per the Twins, the problem at hand (pun intended) occurred over a period of time while Santana, in anticipation of Spring Training, was increasing his workload.

Initial reports are indicating that the 35 year-old will be sidelined 10-12 weeks. If he does in-fact rejoin the team during that two-week timeframe, Twins fans can anticipate seeing Minnesota’s best returning starter make his 2018 debut between April 17th and May 1st.

With Minnesota opening their season on March 29th, it appears that Santana will miss the first few weeks of the season. Damnit. This shit sucks. Ah-shucks. Gosh diddly darn. To the individual who didn’t “enjoy hearing” the hip hop song I put into a Teddy Bridgewater video recently, is that better? It’s 2018, lady. Eagles fans are out there literally eating horse shit manure. I parlay “gangster rap nonsense” with some Teddy footage, because it got me jacked up, and apparently I’m the jackass jerk?

Anywho, let’s get back to baseball. Here are Ervin Santana’s 2017 Numbers:

As for who will replace him at the top of the starting rotation in the interim? Barring a big move, it appears that job will be given to Jose Berrios.

In regards to the rest of the starting rotation, I’m going to table those conversations. Yu Darvish is dragging this free agency thing out like it’s a seat at U.S. Bank Stadium. In Eagles’ fan fashion, he’s starting to piss anger some.

However you may feel of Darvish’ strategy, once he ACTUALLY signs, the rest of the dominos will start to fall. If the Japanese-born pitcher thinks an unexpected injury to Ervin Santana is going to increase my daydreams of possible free agents becoming Opening Day Twins’ Starters, I’m way too woke to fall for that shit garbage.

Whatever Santana misses, it ain’t shit it’s nothing compared to 80 games:

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