I’ve did zero research on the MLB Draft and its prospects leading up to event a couple of weeks ago. If you aren’t picking in the top few picks, it’s difficult to dive that deeply into the MLB Draft. Because of the amount of players and everywhere they come from, plus the money aspect of each pick and the flexibility in those slotted dollars allowing even more instability in the market, makes keeping track of that draft a full time job.

So when I caught my first glimpse today of the Minnesota Twins’ new #1 pick (13th overall), Keoni Cavaco, one thing stuck out…. This kid looks a lot closer to entering high school than he does professional baseball.

This is what it feels like to get old, isn’t it. Kids who are 18 now look way younger and you start to wonder how the fuck you ever looked that young. 

I get it a little more than others, however. At 30, I still get carded for all things… including rated R movies and chew. You should see the looks I get when I walk into a liquor store…

Eri Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan