We are now 12 days away from the MLB Trading Deadline and the Minnesota Twins have remained stagnant thus far. I’m not sure whether to be mad or impressed by that, given fans have been demanding something be done for nearly 2 months. Those are some impressive and infuriating evasion skills.

But, if you like chasing around trade rumors (who doesn’t) then we have some good news falling out of the Twitter sky today. Either one of these guys would change EVERYTHING, when looking to the playoffs and a World Series run.

Yes… that is a credible reporter, reporting on the Twins’ top scout being in San Francisco last night to watch Noah Syndergaard vs Madison Bumgarner in a National League showdown. I can’t imagine he’s there to enjoy some ballpark popcorn and a good pitching matchup on his day off…

Oh, how did the game go? Both guys were lights-out. Bumgarner was better.

All of this is good news for the Twins, until you look at the N.L. Standings and realize that the Giants are only 2.5 games out of a Wild Card spot… so now there are new rumors swirling. Apparently, Madison Bumgarner may be getting less-available by the day. That’s according to a very reliable Jon Heyman… but without any time left on his deal after this year, are the Giants really going to give up MadBum for nothing, after this season, to chase a 1-game wild card spot?

No way.

Whether it’s Bumgarner, Syndergaard, Stroman, or somebody else I’m not naming…. just make something happen. And, don’t forget about the bullpen. Taylor Rodgers’ arm (and back) has to be sore.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan