Today on The Scoop Jake Jensen joins to get us caught up on the Eastern/Western finals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the end of the season for the Iowa Wild. Ryan Sjoberg joins to talk John Beilein, AFC West Over/Unders, and Miguel Sano’s return to the Twins.


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    Show Open
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    Leading Off
  3. (04:39)
    Jake Jensen on the Eastern Finals between Boston and Carolina
  4. (11:56)
    Jake on who would win in a fight between Charlie Coyle and Nino Niederreiter
  5. (14:41)
    Jake on other NHL headlines making the news this week
  6. (14:44)
    Jake on the West Finals between San Jose and St. Louis
  7. (27:09)
    Ryan Sjoberg on John Beilein’s departure from Michigan
  8. (33:23)
    Ryan on Aaron Rodgers dying in Game of Thrones
  9. (34:55)
    Ryan plays Over/Under: AFC West Edition
  10. (50:17)
    Ryan on Miguel Sano’s return to the Twins
  11. (54:32)
    2 Minute Warning