There’s a reason to be extra excited for the commitment that just took place for PJ Fleck and the Minnesota Gophers football team. Daniel Jackson is the first commitment of the year that ranks into the .9000’s on PJ Fleck has landed 3 players so far that rank above a .8900 and they all came in his rookie 2018 class. They are Danielle Faalele (SO – Starting OT), Curtis Dunlap (RSFR – Starting OG), and Rashod Bateman (SO – Starting WR)……

I didn’t go all the way back but Jackson has to be the highest-rated wide receiver the Gophers have reeled in, in a long time because he ranks higher than both Tyler Johnson (.8643) and Bateman (above – .8914). And if there is anything that PJ Fleck has proven (he’s proven a lot but even the biggest haters would have to give him this), it’s that he can develop wide receivers.

I wrote about this last week, as one of the two recruiting battles where the Gophers were going toe-to-toe with the disgusting state to the East. This was a big one, obviously, but it was the expected one given everything we’ve discussed.

As mentioned in my over-excited fan-girl tweet, there is one more of those recruits to win over. He has an even higher rating that Jackson and would be the homegrown LB expected to carry the #homegrown torch from Carter Coughlin after this season. If we land Kaden Johnson, I’m streaking through the quad and into the gymnasium.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

 —- Here is some video I found of Jackson floating around the internet: