As I write this, just over a month into the marathon baseball season, the Minnesota Twins hold the best record in the American League. While that is all fine and dandy, I would rather fast forward to September if I had it my way. Fall baseball is 10x more exciting, and football is BACK! September means PJ Fleck can once again show off his 4.4 speed as he leads the Golden Gophers back onto the gridiron.

If PJ Fleck announced his candidacy for the 2020 presidential run tomorrow, I’d jump on that campaign faster than Bernie Sanders would raise your taxes. There’s a special place in all of our hearts for a man who hates Wisconsin as much as we do, and who brought the Paul Bunyan Axe back to it’s rightful owner, in just year 2 of his tenure.

Unlike most politicians though, he’s kept his promises… “We’re going to recruit, recruit, recruit, and then recruit some more”. Fleck is like the crazy ex-girlfriend who doesn’t take no for an answer. Even better, he’s the father figure that we all wished we had (at least me), who makes you believe in yourself more than you knew you could. But also, most likely buys you beer and then proceeds to team up with you in beer pong. He’s a winner and expects nothing less than “elite”, so you and father PJ will probably own that table all night.

Fleck doesn’t give two shits what you or coach Kill thinks. He cares about winning, and propelling Minnesota to stages they haven’t been on since the 1960’s. Top dogs of the Big Ten. When Fleck took the job 2 years ago he stated, “Those who stay, will become champions”. Starting year 3, he’s got his boys heading in the right direction.

In case you missed it, the Gophers are going into the 2019 season with a little bit of respect from the preseason power ranking people….

Players aren’t coming to Minnesota because of the rich tradition of championships or because it’s a hotbed for NFL draftees. They are coming to Minnesota because they want to play for Fleck. They want to be a part of his culture and to help build something beautiful.

and we’ll have front row press box seats.


Clem Clemans | Minnesota Sports Fan