Wow, Paul Fenton is one feisty MF-er huh? If you didn’t listen/watch to his press conference today around 10:30, I’ll post the whole thing on the bottom, from Fox Sports North’s YouTube page.

But, he was very clear about one thing. Bruce Boudreau will be here next year and it’s not because of pressure from Craig Leipold (which some wondered). It wasn’t a huge surprise after it was announced that Bruce would be available today. Normally, you wouldn’t have Bruce by your side if he was about to get fired.

Fenton is clearly upset about any injury reports that have leaked to the media, and then to the fans, because he went over it and back to it multiple times and was audibly frustrated when discussing those issues. He’s smart about it though. He takes the approach that makes the PC media unable to question it: ‘Our game is dangerous and leaking injury specifics or reporting on them puts our players in immediate serious danger.’ – summarizing Fenton’s comments during the press conference (see full video below because FSN kept those parts off of their Twitter feed)

He also gave updates on some of the players dealing with injuries including Koivu, Parise, Dumba, and Suter (most of our team).

And, what are you going to do with all of these funds during the offseason, Paul?

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan