It’s episode 59 and we’re all over the place.

MSF is moving up in the world again and we have an announcement for some activities next week. 

Then, we move on to the Tyus Jones news that dropped on Wednesday morning (we try to figure out why the Wolves don’t want any serviceable PG’s on their team). Could they possibly want Russell Westbrook? Does that make sense for the Wolves? 

Amir Coffey got the 2-way contract he was seeking when he left school a year early. But, Eric is still trying to figure out why he wanted out badly enough to risk not making the league at all…

Our second segment starts with the Twins and Eric is shaking in his boots as he looks in the rearview mirror, at the Cleveland Indians hot on our tail… The two will faceoff starting Friday…

Did you hear about these pissed off topless chicks swimming around Lake Superior? As much as we love the freeing of breasts on this show… the science says full freedom might not be what women want in the long run…

Episode Chapters

Intro + Announcement
Wolves let Tyus walk for cheap
Is Russell Westbrook the answer?
Explaining to Kyle why Andrew Wiggins has no hope
Rosas Honeymoon over?
Politics in sports
Let’s talk Amir Coffey
End Segment 1
Twins Nervous Meter
Eric’s “College baseball injury”
Back to the Twins
“Angry Topless Chicks of Duluth”
Topless Chicks everywhere would lead to mass chaos