Alright… you read the headline. I’m not in this business for click-bait. This made me double-take when I watched it.

First, when I started thinking about what was happening in this video, and where the blog post was going end up as I reached for my laptop, I almost hesitated. It ends with two of our most promising young players needing to be traded, due to our lack developmental ability as an NHL organization, over the last 10 years. That’s fucking depressing for a Wednesday morning.

But hey, at least it’s out of the way. Wripping off the band-aid is the best way for removal. Now, let me break down this hockey scuffle because I have absolutely zero experience playing hockey and I definitely lost the only fight I’ve ever been in personally. Play that fucking tape back:

It all starts with Nino. He goes in for some extra action on the puck when the Carolina goalie has it covered up. I don’t know when the whistle blew and I don’t care. I do the same thing in NHL on PS4 which clearly means something so.. no problems yet.

But things get frisky quickly when #47 (don’t care to look up his name) of Boston takes offense with Nino’s extracurriculars involving his goalie and slashes at Nino once in the shin-guards, to pose his displeasure. I had to roll the tape back in slow motion a few times because it looks like #47 takes a face shot with his stick immediately after his initial warning slash, but after further review, he did not have his stick in his left hand when he made the motion. Moving on.

Now is where Charlie comes in and things get interesting. There is no doubt that Charlie has gotten over his time in Minnesota. He doesn’t even give Nino a moment of chatting with his new teammate, #47, before laying 4-5 crosschecks to Niederreiter’s neck/chest area, with no regard to human life.

Then, Coyle goes to the always-embarrassing facepalm, as the ref is trying to breakup the scrum. It’s a devastating moment for Nino’s pride. To have another man fend you off with a one-handed face palm is not the way you want to go out.

Coyle was clearly the aggressor in this situation and Nino looks about as shocked as anyone when it’s all over, staring down Coyle with two death-rays that Charlie can’t even stand to peer back into. Notice that he knew he did Niederreiter dirty. He wouldn’t even look back at him afterward.

And to think that ESPN is pushing European Kickball instead of this sport… sad.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan